Calypso's Dream

42" X 20.5"

Frank Thompson Studio

Calypso is remembered the most for her role in Homer's Odyssey, in which she attempts to keep the fabled Greek hero Odysseus on her island to make him her immortal husband. According to Homer, Calypso kept Odysseus prisoner at Ogygia for seven years. Calypso enchants Odysseus with her singing as she moves to and from, weaving on her loom with a golden shuttle. With this story comes the inspiration for "Calypso's Dream" an organic naturalistic piece effect that moves from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean Sea.

The random root like structure over a background of green and iridized bronze creates a curious effect of nature.
This piece can be installed vertically as well as horizontally.

Size: 42" x 20.5"
Price: $2395.

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