Crystal Radiance 9

In 2009 I was making some clear pieces for an art festival and needed some smaller pieces. I had 11 pieces of aluminum of various sizes and made them into art pieces. I named them Crystal Radiance 1 to 11. One of them became a very popular size because of several reasons... It is clear glass with dichroic colors embedded inside it so it goes with any color in the room. It is narrow, so it can go in a space like in between a door and a window, As you can see from the photos, they can be used on each side of another piece to cover a larger area.

The dichoric highlights are brought out by light, and I even use glow powder in some of them so when you turn the light off they glow in the dark. (far out) The polished aluminum gives the piece energy and movement.

Size: 6 1/2" X 24"
Price: $475

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Frank Thompson Studio

"Crystal Radiance 9"
6.5" X 24"

Frank Thompson Studio

"Crystal Radiance 9" 6.5"x 24"

Frank Thompson Studio

#1743 "Crystal Radiance 9" 10"x 52"

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