Odyssey Series

I came up with this piece to represent an odyssey or journey, which each one of us is on. They are designed to be installed either vertically or horizontally, and because they are narrow, they can accent between a door and a window for example.

I originally designed them in 5 colors, all of which have meaning.

A personal study of this has learned that each color has an energy that one can relate to, our favorite color tells us what kind of personality we have and how we relate to others. It also forms our outer view and how others relate to us.

Sapphire Odyssey: Blue is the color of trust and peace. It is soothing and healing.
Emerald Odyssey: Green is the color of balance and growth, possessing durability, well-being and relaxation.
Crimson Odyssey : Red is the color of energy, passion, action, ambition and determination.
Imperial Odyssey: Purple is the color of royalty, nobility and luxury.
Crystal Odyssey: Represents cleanliness, purity and simplicity.

Frank Thompson Studio

Since the original concept, the pieces have developed into an unbelievable color pallet, the common characteristic of all is the way the metal is polished to match the design of the glass in a "flowing" pattern.

The metal or frame is coated with automotive clear coat so they are durable in outdoor living spaces.

I have since added a smaller size of 10" X 36" some of which are pictured below. They can also be installed horizontally as well as vertically.

A slumped Odyssey has been fired twice in order to get the wavy or ripple effect.

Sizes and Prices:
10" x 52" $1495
10" X 36" $1095

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"Odyssey's" 10"x 52"

Frank Thompson Studio

"Odyssey's" 10"x 36"

Frank Thompson Studio

Previous versions of "Odyssey's"...