The inspiration behind this piece is a burst of color. The glass design radiates from the center and is mounted on aluminum that has been polished to match the glass.

This is a modified version of the previous "Star of the Sea" design.

Can be installed either as a square or a diamond. The metal is polished to radiate outward from the center, then coated with automotive clear coat so it is durable in outdoor living spaces.

Sizes & Pricing:
16" X 16" $750.
24"X 24" $1695
26"X 26" $1995
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Frank Thompson Studio

26"X 26"

Frank Thompson Studio

Installing Diagonally vs. Square...

The measurements on the diamond pieces are on the sides, which is different than point to point. The diamond installation looks bigger and can create variety in your decor.

SidePoint to point
12" X 12"17"
16" X 16"22.5"
24" X 24"34"
26" X 26"36.5"

The "Sunlight" and "Sunburst" pieces can hang either way. The "Aqua Fantasy" normally hangs as a diamond unless I make it a square.

Previous Versions..."Star of the Sea"